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Proving Results To Our Clients With The Power Of Call Tracking

We take the extra step to prove our work to our clients and include tracking numbers in campaigns. Rather than just showing you charts and graphs that may not correlate with real world results. Call tracking help us prove the results to you. You won’t have to wonder if your marketing campaigns are actually delivering calls or not. Call tracking shows you the data and if you choose, it can record every call.

Even better, call tracking allows you to make better informed advertising decisions. Better decisions that drives your ROI to a new level.

Track and Manage Your Phone Leads

Use The Power Of Tracking And Recording To Optimize Sales & Revenue


Local and Toll-Free Numbers in the US & Canada

Choose either a Local or Toll-Free number in the United States and Canada. We can provide phone numbers in practically every area code. If your marketing campaign calls for a toll-free number, you can purchase a 866, 877, and 888 number.

Local Phone Numbers

Be a local business with our selection of local phone numbers. Whether you need a local area code for your hometown or throughout the whole county, we’re ready to provide them for you.

Toll-Free Numbers 866, 877, 888

Toll-Free Numbers will give you a national image to your customers. We have thousands of 866, 877, 888 numbers ready to use immediately.

Instant Number Setup

Easily setup a new tracking number within a few clicks in our dashboard. That way you don’t have to wait days for a tracking number to go live.

Port Your Existing Phone Numbers

If you have a phone number you wish to keep from another provider, you can port it into our system. Porting your phone number is free. Our team will help you every step of the way, making the porting process simple.


Dynamic Tracking

You can easily discover which campaigns, ads, and keywords are getting your business call conversions. We always suggest using our Dynamic Number Insertion to automatically show the right tracking phone number to each visitor depending on how they reached your website. Use this call tracking method to maximize the ROI on your marketing campaigns.

Dynamic Number Insertion

With Dynamic Number Insertion, the designated tracking number will be shown on your website depending on how the visitor arrived on your website. Get it up and running quickly with a single snippet of Javascript code to your website.

Campaign Level Tracking

Use trackable phone numbers and to use on all your online and offline marketing campaigns. Including but not limited to paid search, online advertising, direct mail, television, radio, billboards, and print ads. Find out which ads are truly effective.

Multi-Channel Call Attribution

Understand how call metrics influence  your organic, PPC, social, remarketing, and other campaigns. Multi-channel call attribution goes beyond first and last click metrics.

Visitor & Keyword Level Tracking

Call Tracking can reveal the keywords, campaigns, and landing pages that are effectively driving phone conversions. See your visitor’s history through your website; before, during, and after the phone call.


Real-Time Analytics & Actionable Insights

If you’re looking to analyze campaigns to maximize your marketing budget, review calls to improve sales/service, or qualify phone call leads. Call Tracking gives you the data and tools you need to stay ahead of the game.

Call Analytics Dashboard

Easily find out which campaigns are driving phone calls in our simple and intuitive dashboard. Compare which campaigns are effective, visualize the trends, and listen to individual calls for unprecedented details.

Caller ID Data

Our system requests the Caller ID data for each call. That you have a record of who called you, not just which phone numbers. Pop-up notifications can show you Caller ID information before each call so you’re ready before the call.

Visitor Timeline

See how each of your visitors navigate your website before they call. What page they were on, when they called, and what actions they take on your website after they’ve called. Identify the pages that deliver phone calls.

Call Recording

Record your inbound and outbound calls to assess the quality of your phone leads, coach employees and improve your sales. Call recording is included free-0f-charge.

Advanced Reporting

Our out-of-the-box reporting dashboard helps you analyze your call data by traffic source, PPC keywords, landing pages, and more. Export your data records and phone calls for deeper analysis.


Integrate With Sales, Marketing, & Analytics Software

Our dashboard integrates into your call tracking data into major marketing, sales, and analytics systems. When your phone data syncs up with your business systems, indispensable insights are possible to be seen.

Google Analytics & Adwords

Google Analytics call tracking integration brings all your data into your marketing dashboard to complete as goals. Track phone calls as conversions for ROI inside Google Adwords.

Salesforce Integration

The Salesforce integration automatically sends calls as leads and activities. View your phone leads in your Salesforce dashboard and report how, when, and where the caller found your business.

Hubspot Integration

The Hubspot integration sends phone calls from your Call Tracking dashboard directly into Hubspot’s lead activity timeline. Find out which campaigns are driving phone calls to your business to focus on.


Powerful & Customizable Call Routing

The system is more than just Call Forwarding. Using the Call Flow Builder, you can create interactive menus, location based routing, routing schedules, custom greetings, and voicemails. This system can simplify your business and power your entire phone system.

IVR Menus

Routing and connecting your customers to the right person using interactive phone menus, creates time efficiency, and less frustrations for your customers. Your can build multi-level IVRs without the frustrating and complex PBX or buying outdated software.


You can use a single phone number to automatically route your customer to the closest geographic office, store, or agent. Utilizing location-based call routing is ideal for any business that has multiple locations.

Call Scheduling

Want to customize where your phone calls get routed to either your office or cellphone depending on the day or evening? Want to forward calls to different representatives on a different day? We got you covered with our call scheduler


In the dashboard you can upload an audio file, create a personal message, or use text-to-speech technology to create custom voicemail greetings. Instantly receive email notifications of any missed calls.


Call Tracking

$15 / month


Campaign Tracking

Keyword & Visitor Tracking

Call Recording

Live Call Dashboard

Live Call Monitoring

Custom Call Flows

Conversation Intelligence

Google Analytics Integration

Google Adwords Integration

Integrations & API

Included Usage:

1 Local Number

125 Minutes

25 Text Messages


4.5¢ local • 6.1¢ toll-free

Text Messages

1¢ per message


2¢ per minute


Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a contract minimum term?

No! Your account is month-to-month and you are free to cancel any time.

Can I port another number to you from another provider?

Yes! We’ll help you port over your tracking number from another provider. The process typically takes about 4 to 6 weeks and there is no downtime.

Do I get to keep my number if I cancel your service?

Absolutely, your number is yours to keep, just make sure you port the tracking number to another provider prior to canceling service.

How will my account be billed?

Each account will be billed to a single credit card each month.